Philosophical Perspectives On Peace
Anthology of Classical & Modern Sources

By Howard P. Kainz

“…Philosophical Perspectives is immensely readable. It could hardly be otherwise, given the contributors.”

Adewale Maja-Pearce

“Those of us who, at one time or another, have concocted our own prescription for eliminating the ‘scourge of war’ should make this book required reading…These writings are both instructive and amusing.”

Dianne DeMille, Canadian Institute for International Peace and Security

Philosophizing about peace has been a consistent occupation of major figures in the history of philosophy and letters since the Middle Ages. Immanuel Kant’s Eternal Peace is well-known and is still being widely studied. The less-known writings of Dante, Erasmus, Tolstoy, Toynbee, Rousseau, Bentham, Russell and others on peace-related issues are not only of historical interest but contain valuable insights relevant and applicable to the very fragile international balance by which peace is maintained in the contemporary world.

Philosophical Perspectives on Peace shows how classical and modern thinkers have given us not a simple formula for the achievement of peace, but a variety of interrelated but distinguishable approaches, many or all of which may have to be used to respond to the urgent necessity of the present generation to secure peace for the world.

Howard P. Kainz is a professor of philosophy at Marquette University. He is the author of Hegel's Phenomenology, Parts I and II (Ohio, 1994, 1983) and An Introduction to Hegel: The Stages of Modern Philosophy (Ohio, 1996).

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