About the author of this award-winning collection, final judge Miller Williams commented:

“Meredith Carson writes poems so well-controlled in tone that the language of conversation takes on an elegance rarely found in contemporary poetry, but emphatically contemporary.”

In this, her first collection of poetry, Meredith Carson combines form and feeling, human nature and animal instinct, a scientist's eye and a poet's heart to create poetry of detail and delight.

From her ghost crabs, which “stand on four fixed wickets” to the mangrove sprouts “floating, wobbling vertically like pencils in the sea,” she continually compels the reader to look more closely for the rewards and treasures of nature that she herself has found.

Meredith Carson was born in Brooklyn in 1913. She studied poetry with Horace Gregory and mythology and literature with Joseph Campbell. She studied invertebrate zoology at Woods Hole Biological Laboratories in 1936. Since 1971, she has resided in Honolulu.

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Retail price: $14.95, S.
Release date: Nov. 1997
72 pages
Rights: World


Retail price: $26.95, S.
Release date: Nov. 1997
72 pages
Rights: World

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