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Death and Taxes
The Complete Guide to Family Inheritance Planning

By Randell C. and Rebecca G. Doane

“This complete guide takes the reader through all available estate planning tools.”

Spare Time

“Excellent overview to all aspects of estate planning.”

Joyce Miller Trent

Benjamin Franklin once wrote that nothing could be said to be certain except death and taxes. He was only half right.

Estate planning can be an intimidating experience. It is complicated, it is unfamiliar, and it involves your death. It is not surprising that people procrastinate for years before facing up to this important responsibility.

Death and Taxes provides the practical information needed to undertake confidently one of the most important steps of a career, planning for the disposition of your estate. Wills, trusts, probate, life insurance, taxes, and many other estate planning concerns are discussed in detail. Over a hundred of the most commonly asked questions are answered in simple, straightforward terms. Over two hundred examples are included to explain the most important estate planning ideas.

Designed for the interested layperson as well as the financial planner, insurance advisor, or attorney who is not an estate planning specialist but who wants to gain a better understanding of the estate planning process, Death and Taxes is a practical reference guide that cuts through the complications and confusion.

Randell C. Doane and Rebecca G. Doane are attorneys who are board certified in the fields of wills, trusts, and estates. They also hold CPA certificates. At their respective law firms, they advise and assist clients in connection with estsate planning, probate, and other tax and business matters throughout Florida and around the country and the world. They live in North Palm Beach with their three children.

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