Cincinnati Recipe Treasury
The Queen City’s Culinary Heritage

By Mary Anna DuSablon

“Cincinnati writer Mary Anna DuSablon has depicted the distinctive flavors of her native city by tracing its epicurean customs and traditions from past to present. Collected from time–worn cookbooks, chefs from popular Cincinnati restaurants, family cooks and local celebrities, each recipe represents a morsel of Cincinnati memorabilia. …This [book’s] much more than a conglomeration of recipes.”

Cincinnati Enquirer

“As a cook book for cook and collector alike, this collection of recipes certainly lives up to its name. Cincinnati Recipe Treasury truly displays The Queen’s City’s Culinary Heritage to its fullest advantage.”

Janet J. Wood, Ohioana Quarterly

What better way to discover Cincinnati’s culture than by its recipes? From daily fare to savoir faire, the kitchens of this tri–state area have been producing a unique cuisine throughout its 200-year history.

The finest old and new “secret formulas” have been collected from many sources including club and church cookbooks and handwritten notes. Who can resist perusing these instructions for pheasant presented in a bed of red, yellow, and green peppers and nasturtium flowers; or finding out what the Beatles ate while staying at the Vernon Manor Hotel?

Every page speaks of the book’s authenticity, containing historical anecdotes, celebrity comments, and collectible line drawings of the city. For Cincinnatians–at–heart living elsewhere, for visitors who enjoyed the city’s hospitality, for all genuine Cincinnatians, what better way to remember the Queen City than through her friendly and surprisingly imaginative kitchens.

Mary Anna DuSablon is the author of America's Collectible Cookbooks: The History, the Politics, the Recipes (Ohio, 1994) and Cincinnati Recipe Treasury: The Queen City's Culinary Heritage (Ohio, 1989).

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