A Photographer’s Guide to Ohio
Volume 2

By Ian Adams
Foreword by Guy L. Denny

“If you want to improve your photographs, this is the book for you. If you love nature, this is the book for you. If you like to discover out-of-the-way places in Ohio, this is the book for you. If you are a history buff, this is the book for you.”

Former Ohio first lady Hope Taft

“I’ve always wished I could capture images as vibrant and dynamic as those of Ohio landscape and architectural photographer Ian Adams. Now he's written a book to help me—and others—toward that goal.”

Steve Stephens, Columbus Dispatch

Ian Adams is perhaps the best-known landscape photographer in Ohio, and in the first volume of A Photographer’s Guide to Ohio, he shared his knowledge of what to photograph in the Buckeye State and how to photograph it. Now, in this second volume, Adams expands on his previous work, adding over 120 natural features, scenic rivers and byways, zoos and public gardens, historic buildings and murals, and even winter lighting displays to the list of places to visit and photograph in Ohio. In addition to advice on photographing landscapes, he offers tips for capturing excellent images of butterflies and dragonflies.

Recognizing the rapid development of new technologies, Adams includes pointers on smartphone photography, lighting and composition, digital workflow, and sharing images across a variety of platforms. The book is illustrated with more than 100 color photographs.

Comprehensive and concise, these two volumes make up a travel and photography guide to almost 300 of Ohio’s most noteworthy and beautiful outdoor places.

Ian Adams has twenty-one photography books and more than sixty-five Ohio calendars to his credit. He conducts nature and garden photography seminars, workshops, and slide programs throughout North America and teaches digital photography at Ohio State University’s Agricultural Technical Institute in Wooster.



Retail price: $29.95, T.
Release date: May 2015
125 illus. · 312 pages · 6 × 9 in.
Rights: World


Release date: May 2015
125 illus. · ≅ 312 pages
Rights: World