Succession to High Office in Botswana
Three Case Studies

Edited by Jack Parson

This book examines the process through which the mantle of leadership passed from one leader to another in Botswana. It concerns the succession to high office in Botswana over the course of more than half a century from the colonial time to the present. Three case studies explore the relationship between the British colonial authorities and the tribal leaders in affirming the legitimacy of the tribal chiefs of the Bangwato tribe in the former Bechuanaland protectorate. The studies examine the succession crises of the Bangwato first in 1925 and again between 1948 to 1953 and the political changes from the Botswana National Archives contained in the appendices fully support the text.

Jack Parson is Associate Professor of Political Science at the College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, 29424. Neil Parsons may be contacted through the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University, London, England. Michael Crowder at the time of his death in 1988 was affiliated with the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, London University, London, England. Previously he had been Professor and Head of the Department of History at the University of Botswana.

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Research in International Studies, Africa Series, № 54

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