Yiorgos Anagnostou

Yiorgos Anagnostou is an associate professor of modern Greek and American ethnic studies at the Ohio State University. He has published widely on ethnicity and immigration in various scholarly disciplines, including ethnography, folklore, sociology, and diaspora and cultural studies.

Listed in: Race and Ethnicity · Sociology

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Contours of White Ethnicity · Popular Ethnography and the Making of Usable Pasts in Greek America
By Yiorgos Anagnostou

In Contours of White Ethnicity, Yiorgos Anagnostou explores the construction of ethnic history and reveals how and why white ethnics selectively retain, rework, or reject their pasts. Challenging the tendency to portray Americans of European background as a uniform cultural category, the author demonstrates how a generalized view of American white ethnics misses the specific identity issues of particular groups as well as their internal differences.

“This is a book of great importance. Contours of White Ethnicity demonstrates a patient and very deep reflection on the past, present, and future of ethnicity in America. Its immediate subject—popular ethnography’s treatment of the Greek immigrant past in America—is quite precise, but its scope is wide.”

Artemis Leontis, Department of Modern Greek, University of Michigan