William M. Clements

William M. Clements, a professor of English at Arkansas State University, is the co-author of Native American Folklore, 1879-1979: An Annotated Bibliography. He has also published numerous essays in such periodicals as Journal of American Folklore, Western Folklore, and International Folklore Review.

Listed in: Native American Studies · Journalism · Literary Studies

Though study of American Indian cultures had been fostered for several centuries by missionaries and explorers, it was not until he nineteenth century that a disciplined and systematic approach to the study of New World cultures began to emerge.

“The twenty–one essays in this enjoyable and important anthology, chosen 'to represent pioneering work in the study of Native American Folklore,' will effectively acquaint readers with the various theories and concerns which occupied students during this formative period in the history of the discipline.”

Bud Hirsch, American Studies