William H. Pritchard

William H. Pritchard is a professor of English at Amherst College. He has written biographical studies of Robert Frost, Randall Jarrell, and John Updike; a memoir, English Papers; and three collections of essays and reviews.

Listed in: Poetry

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William Pritchard’s collection of essays and reviews on poets and poetry ranges from Dryden and Milton through the major American and British poets of the last century. One of them, Philip Larkin, answered an interviewer’s question about what he had learned from his study of other poets by snapping back, “Oh, for Christ’s sake, one doesn’t study poets! You read them, and think: That’s marvelous; how is it done?”

“Mr. Pritchard’s balanced and expert appraisals put more willfully idiosyncratic and ingenious critics to shame. For Mr. Pritchard the poem always comes first, its value found partly in how much it helps us ‘to live our lives.’”

The Wall Street Journal