Victor L. Streib

Victor L. Streib is the Ella and Ernest Fisher Professor of Law at Ohio Northern University. His many books and articles include Death Penalty: In a Nutshell, Gendering the Death Penalty, and Death Penalty for Juveniles.

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The Fairer Death · Executing Women in Ohio
By Victor L. Streib

Women on death row are such a rarity that, once condemned, they may be ignored and forgotten. Ohio, a typical, middle-of-the-road death penalty state, provides a telling example of this phenomenon. The Fairer Death: Executing Women in Ohio explores Ohio’s experience with the death penalty for women and reflects on what this experience reveals about the death penalty for women throughout the nation.

“(Streib) finds a process fraught with bias, arbitrariness, caprice, and mistakes that make it less likely that women will be subject to the death penalty.... Highly recommended.”