Tom Farrey

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Alternative Models of Sports Development in America · Solutions to a Crisis in Education and Public Health
By B. David Ridpath · Foreword by Tom Farrey

In the United States, the entanglement of sports and education has persisted for over a century. Multimillion-dollar high school football stadiums, college coaches whose salaries are many times those of their institutions’ presidents, psychological and educational tolls on student-athletes, and high-profile academic scandals are just symptoms of a system that has come under increasing fire.

“The day will come when we fundamentally reimagine the role of sports in schools—the health, social and economic needs of the 21st century demand it. Dave Ridpath gets the conversation started with this fascinating exploration of what’s possible.”

Tom Farrey, Executive Director, Aspen Institute Sports and Society Program, ESPN reporter, and author of Game On: The All-American Race to Make Champions of our Children