Themi Vasils

Themi Vasils, along with Theodora Vasils, has translated several works by Nikos Kazantzakis, among them Alexander the Great as well as books by other contemporary Greek writers. Their work has won high praise from Kazantzakis's widow, who comments, “Never has Kazantzakis found better translators.”

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Blending historical fact and classical myth, the author of Zorba the Greek and The Last Temptation of Christ transports the reader 3,000 years into the past, to a pivotal point in history: the final days before the ancient kingdom of Minoan Crete is to be conquered and supplanted by the emerging city-state of Athens. Translated by Theodora Vasils and Themi Vasils.

“As in Kazantzakis’s other work, there is a strong sense of dual heritage, particularly in the emphasis on the web of national and cultural conflicts and connections between then-mighty Crete and its vassal state Greece. He paints a dreamlike tapestry of the Cretan magnificence, power, and cruelty against which Athenian prince Theseus, with aid from Cretan princess Ariadne, must fight for freedom.”

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