Tài Văn Ta

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Lê Code · Law in Traditional Vietnam
By Ngọc Huy Nguyễn, Tài Văn Ta, and Binh Tu Tran

The Lê Code: Law in Traditional Vietnam is the first English translation of the penal code produced by Vietnam’s Lê Dynasty (1428-1788). The code itself was the culmination of a long process of political, social and legal development that extended into the period of the succeeding Nguyen Dynasty and, in many respects, into the twentieth century. As is the case with cultures of other countries in East Asia, Vietnam has been widely influenced by China.

“This work is an achievement that will endure. It is an indispensable reference for anyone engaged in the study of Vietnamese history and culture. It is also a testament to Vietnam’s historic participations, with China, Korea, and Japan, in the larger Confucian cultural world.”

K. W. Taylor, Journal of Southeast Asia Studies