Susan Clair Imbarrato

Susan Clair Imbarrato is an associate professor of English at Minnesota State University Moorhead. She is the author of Declarations of Independency in Eighteenth-Century American Autobiography.

Listed in: American Studies · History

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Traveling Women · Narrative Visions of Early America
By Susan Clair Imbarrato

Women's travel narratives recording journeys north and south along the eastern seaboard and west onto the Ohio frontier enhance our historical understanding of early America. Drawing extensively from primary sources, Traveling Women documents women's roles in westward settlement and emphasizes travel as a culture-building event.

“Susan Clair Imbarrato has done yeoman service in her new book...taking the mission of social history—to illumine the lives of ordinary people and everyday life—mixing it with literary analysis, and making it her own..... In her hands, a simple story of pioneer men wrestling the west into submission is complicated and enriched by the women who traveled, both with men and on their own.”

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