Susan B. Brill

Susan B. Brill is an assistant professor of English at Bradley University, where she teaches critical theory and Native American Indian literatures.

Listed in: Literary Criticism · Philosophy · Literary Studies

Wittgenstein and Critical Theory · Beyond Postmodern Criticism and Toward Descriptive Investigations
By Susan B. Brill

The crucial point of Brill’s study is that of fit: which critical methods prove most useful towards opening up which texts? Close investigations into the parameters of the language games of texts, critics, and methods enable us to determine which paths to take towards more complete descriptive analyses and critique.

“Susan Brill is a persistent scholar who has drawn together a wide net, and though her chosen task was to suggest Wittgensteinian strategies for reading literature and to caution literary critics about overinvested theories, her own literary and philosophical desire has been to be as inclusive and open as possible to the dynamics of texts without losing her own value center. Scholarship would surely be a better enterprise if more did what she has done with the persistence she has shown.”

C.W. Spinks, Trinity University, Philosophy and Literature