Steven M. Miner

Steven M. Miner is a professor of history and director of the Contemporary History Institute at Ohio University. He is the author of Between Churchill and Stalin: The Soviet Union, Great Britain, and the Origins of the Grand Alliance and Stalin’s “Holy War”: Religion, Nationalism, and Alliance Politics, 1941–1945 as well as numerous articles and essays.

Listed in: International Studies · Military History

In case studies from the former Yugoslavia, Somalia, Iraq, and Colombia, Failed States and Fragile Societies argues that early intervention to stabilize social, economic, and political systems offers the greatest promise, whereas military intervention at a later stage is both costlier and less likely to succeed.

“The issue of state failure and fragility is one of the most important topics, if not the most important topic, in international affairs and international relations today and for the foreseeable future. This new volume succeeds in its stated goal of discussing and exploring the various aspects of [this issue] and brings together a variety of perspectives on a range of related topics by established scholars.”

Patrick James, Dornsife Dean’s Professor of International Relations, University of Southern California