Stacy Pratt McDermott

Stacy Pratt McDermott is the assistant director and associate editor of the Papers of Abraham Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois, and the coeditor of The Papers of Abraham Lincoln: Legal Documents and Cases and The Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln.

Listed in: Legal History · American Studies · History · American History · Law

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2013 Award of Superior Achievement from the Illinois State Historical Society.

In the antebellum Midwest, Americans looked to the law, and specifically to the jury, to navigate the uncertain terrain of a rapidly changing society. During this formative era of American law, the jury served as the most visible connector between law and society. Through an analysis of the composition of grand and trial juries and an examination of their courtroom experiences, Stacy Pratt McDermott demonstrates how central the law was for people who lived in Abraham Lincoln’s America.

“(The Jury in Lincoln’s America) provides an excellent account of the legal and social history of the region, especially in McDermott’s analysis of the records of the courts in Illinois and the historiography of the jury system.”

Journal of Illinois History