Shobana Shankar

Shobana Shankar is an assistant professor of history at Stony Brook University (SUNY). She serves as coeditor for the book series Studies of Religion in Africa and has coedited, with Afe Adogame, a collection of essays titled Religion on the Move! New Dynamics of Religious Expansion in a Globalizing World.

Listed in: African Studies · Islam · African History · Christianity

Who Shall Enter Paradise? · Christian Origins in Muslim Northern Nigeria, c. 1890–1975
By Shobana Shankar

Who Shall Enter Paradise? recounts in detail the history of Christian-Muslim engagement in a core area of sub-Saharan Africa’s most populous nation, home to roughly equal numbers of Christians and Muslims. It is a region today beset by religious violence, in the course of which history has often been told in overly simplified or highly partisan terms.

“Shankar challenges the assumption, so common in the history of Western education and modernity, that the North is backward in both because it did not allegedly encourage the spread of education and Christianity.…The book is very clear on religious co-existence, and also on the changes to Islamic culture. Thus, its conclusions open up new avenues to examine further the impact of Christianity on Islam and vice-versa.”

American Historical Review