Sarah Elvins

Sarah Elvins lives in Winnipeg, where she is an assistant professor in American history at the University of Manitoba.

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Winner of the Great Lakes American Studies Association/Ohio University Press Book Award

Sales and Celebrations · Retailing and Regional Identity in Western New York State, 1920–1940
By Sarah Elvins

Between the two world wars, the retail world experienced tremendous changes. New forms of competition, expanded networks of communication and transportation, and the proliferation of manufactured goods posed challenges to department store and small shopkeeper alike. In western New York, and in Buffalo and Rochester in particular, retailers were a crucial part of urban life, acting as cultural brokers and civic leaders. They were also cultivators of area pride.

Sales and Celebrations enriches and complicates the picture of consumer culture… and makes a persuasive argument for the persistent power of the local.”

Liette Gidlow, author of The Big Vote: Gender, Consumer Culture, and the Politics of Exclusion, 1890s–1920s