Sandra Wallman

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Kampala Women Getting By · Wellbeing in the Time of AIDS
By Sandra Wallman

What do ordinary women in an African city do in the face of “serious enough” infections in themselves and signs of acute illness in their young children? How do they manage? What does it take to get by? How do they maintain the wellbeing of the household in a setting without what would be considered as basic health provision in an American or European city? Professor Wallman focuses on women in a densely-populated part of Kampala called Kamwokya.

Kampala Women Getting By…contains a rich combination of detailed field data and incisive analysis…This book is an important contribution to our understanding of the experience of health and health care…But the book also has value for its anthropological approach, ensuring that experience studied is always located within its appropriate context, and the author's insistence that context must in turn become the object of careful analysis.”

Leeds African Studies Bulletin