Sandra Rowoldt Shell

Sandra Rowoldt Shell was born in Zimbabwe and has worked as a professional academic research librarian in African studies for several decades. She has focused on the history of the Eastern Cape, South Africa, in her research. She received her doctoral degree in history from the University of Cape Town.

Listed in: Slavery and Slave Trade · African History · Children's Studies

Children of Hope · The Odyssey of the Oromo Slaves from Ethiopia to South Africa
By Sandra Rowoldt Shell

In Children of Hope, Sandra Rowoldt Shell details the life histories of sixty-four Oromo children who were enslaved in Ethiopia in the late nineteenth century, liberated by the British navy, and ultimately sent to a Free Church of Scotland mission in South Africa, where their stories were recorded through a series of interviews.

“Shell offers intriguing range of insights into the patterns of slaving in late-nineteenth-century Oromia. These shine a suggestive light into the great void of the actual experiences of enslavement in Africa, arguably the single most pervasive motivator of historical changes in the continent for up to three centuries. She tells a dramatic story with restraint, poise, and dignity.”

Joseph C. Miller, author of The Problem of Slavery as History and coeditor, Children in Slavery around the World