Ronald Weber

Ronald Weber is Professor of American Studies at the University of Notre Dame and the author of many books, both fiction and nonfiction. He is the editor of The Reporter as Artist: A Look at the New Journalism Controversy.

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Hired Pens · Professional Writers in America's Golden Age of Print
By Ronald Weber

Just as mass-market magazines and cheap books have played important roles in the creation of an American identity, those skilled craftsmen (and women) whose careers are the subjects of Ronald Weber's narrative profoundly influenced the outlook and strategies of the high-culture writers who are generally the focus of literary studies.

"Those interested in the crazy business of writing will find Hired Pens an illuminating addition to their library."

The New York Times Book Review

Seeing Earth · Literary Responses to Space Exploration
By Ronald Weber

As our interest in space continues to grow, the cultural effects of space exploration become important. In Seeing Earth, Ronald Weber focuses on the literary response to this new frontier, examining an area of contemporary expression that has remained until now virtually untouched. The author surveys what has been written about space exploration and calls attention to its dominant use as a means of deflecting attention back to earth and earthly concerns.

“Weber’s book is not the kind of guide which merely mentions the most important books on space exploration, summarizes their plots, and comments on them. It tries to treat those books as developing the theme of the journey, one of the most enduring themes in American literature… [Seeing Earth] is informative, engaging and well written.”

Jerzy Durczak, Polish Journal of Literary Studies