Rajko Grlić

Rajko Grlić was born in 1947 in Zagreb, Croatia, and graduated from the FAMU Film Academy in Prague. As the director and scriptwriter or cowriter, he has worked on eleven theatrical feature films, which have been distributed around the world and have won more than fifty international awards. He has also worked on some twenty short films and more than fifteen television documentaries. Grlić is currently Ohio Eminent Scholar in Film at Ohio University, and lives in Athens, Ohio.

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Photo of Rajko Grlić

Face to Face · The Photography of Lloyd E. Moore
Edited by Rajko Grlić · Photography by Lloyd E. Moore

A remarkable collection of photographs by an ex-Marine who worked as a lawyer in Lawrence County, Ohio, for around thirty-six years.

“Originally published in 2004, this exceptional book of photographs deserves wider distribution than it has received, and (Ohio University Press) has taken on the task.”

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