R. Gregory Browning

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Empowering the Public-Private Partnership · The Future of America’s Local Government
By George V. Voinovich · Introduction by R. Gregory Browning and Hunter Morrison · Afterword by Hunter Morrison

Using lessons from Cleveland, Mayor George V. Voinovich developed this handbook for governments and private entities seeking a mutually enriching partnership. It is his legacy to those who will guide America’s cities to new growth and vitality.

“George Voinovich’s extraordinary success as senator, governor, and mayor was due in great part to his being a pioneering master of collaboration. This book is a legacy of his powerful and practical insights on how to build public-private partnerships that fuse the best of all sectors to create a better society. In these times when conflict seems to dominate political dialogue, his wise words extolling the virtues of collaboration are refreshing and illuminating.”

James E. Austin, Harvard Business School