Pippa Skotnes

Pippa Skotnes is professor of fine art and director of the Lucy Lloyd Archive, Resource and Exhibition Centre (LLAREC). She has published essays on the rock art of the San and is the author and editor of several books, including Sound from the Thinking Strings, Miscast: Negotiating the Presence of the Bushmen, and Heaven's Things.

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Unconquerable Spirit · George Stow’s History Painting of the San
By Pippa Skotnes

George Stow was a Victorian man of many parts—poet, historian, ethnographer, artist, cartographer, and prolific writer. A geologist by profession, he became acquainted, through his work in the field, with the extraordinary wealth of rock paintings in the caves and shelters of the South African interior. Enchanted and absorbed by them, Stow set out to create a record of this creative work of the people who had tracked and marked the South African landscape decades and centuries before him.

“The distinctive style of book design that Pippa Skotnes has developed to a fine art is a holistic mix of carefully selected old and new text that stimulates the reader to interact with rich seams of visual material in full-page spreads and marginal asides…. More than most books, the outstanding quality of the thoughtful design and beautiful reproduction of the documents creates a palpable sense of drama. When you reach the end you want to page through the pictures again and again.”

Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa

2009 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title

A Library Journal “Editor’s Pick”

Claim to the Country · The Archive of Wilhelm Bleek and Lucy Lloyd
By Pippa Skotnes

In the 1870s, facing cultural extinction and the death of their language, several San men and women told their stories to two pioneering colonial scholars in Cape Town, Wilhelm Bleek and Lucy Lloyd. The narratives of these San—or Bushmen—were of the land, the rain, the history of the first people, and the origin of the moon and stars.

“At $65, this remarkable book and accompanying DVD is a treasure well worth its surprisingly modest price. Highly recommended.”