Peter Thoms

Peter Thoms teaches at both King's College and the University of Western Ontario. He is the author of The Windings of the Labyrinth: Quest and Structure in the Major Novels of Wilkie Collins (Ohio, 1992).

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Detection and Its Designs · Narrative and Power in Nineteenth-Century Detective Fiction
By Peter Thoms

Detective fiction is usually thought of as genre fiction, a vast group of works bound together by their use of a common formula. But, as Peter Thoms argues in his investigation of some of the most important texts in the development of detective fiction in the nineteenth century, the very works that establish the genre's formulaic structure also subvert that structure.

Detection and Its Designs provides a number of rich insights on the nature of detective fiction as a genre in which narratives collide and compete for power.”

Lisa Surridge, Letters in Canada

Windings of the Labyrinth · Quest and Structure in the Major Novels of Wilkie Collins
By Peter Thoms

Author of such feats of storytelling as The Woman in White and The Moonstone, Wilkie Collins has traditionally been recognized far more than for his accomplishments as a serious novelist. In this study of The Moonstone, Peter Thoms argues for a new appreciation of this early master of detection and intrigue.