Pearl T. Ponce

Pearl T. Ponce is an assistant professor of history at Ithaca College.

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Kansas’s War · The Civil War in Documents
Edited by Pearl T. Ponce

When the Civil War broke out in April 1861, Kansas was in a unique position. Although it had been a state for mere weeks, its residents were already intimately acquainted with civil strife. Since its organization as a territory in 1854, Kansas had been the focus of a national debate over the place of slavery in the Republic. By 1856, the ideological conflict developed into actual violence, earning the territory the sobriquet “Bleeding Kansas.”

Kansas’s War: The Civil War in Documents has much to recommend it and will prove a handy and valuable reference for any scholar interested in territorial or wartime Kansas in the Civil War…. Ponce provides insightful introductions to each chapter, offering clear and concise overviews of the issues and themes.”

Journal of Southern History