Nicholas M. Creary

Nicholas M. Creary teaches African history in the Department of Africana Studies at the University at Albany. He is the author of Domesticating a Religious Import: The Jesuits and the Inculturation of the Catholic Church in Zimbabwe, 1879–1980.

Listed in: African Studies · African History

Decades after independence for most African states, the struggle for decolonization is still incomplete, as demonstrated by the fact that Africa remains associated in many Western minds with chaos, illness, and disorder. African and non-African scholars alike still struggle to establish the idea of African humanity, in all its diversity, and to move Africa beyond its historical role as the foil to the West.

“A knowledge of old school Black intellectualism in the Americas and Africa may serve as a prerequisite to these readings, but one can still enjoy this work without a prior awareness of the history. This book is must for all aspiring and functional Black intellectuals!”