Mary Anna DuSablon

Mary Anna DuSablon is the author of America's Collectible Cookbooks: The History, the Politics, the Recipes (Ohio, 1994) and Cincinnati Recipe Treasury: The Queen City's Culinary Heritage (Ohio, 1989).

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Walking the Steps of Cincinnati · A Guide to the Queen City’s Scenic and Historic Secrets
By Mary Anna DuSablon · Foreword by Roxanne Qualls

A field guide that will introduce readers and walkers to over two hundred sets of steps within thirty-five urban and neighborhood trails.

Walking the Steps of Cincinnati: A Guide to the Queen City’s Scenic and Historic Secrets is a wholly delightful book that first appeared in 1998 and returns in a revised edition as the weather invites taking full advantage of its subject matter…. A labor of love by its original author, the late Mary Anna DuSablon, Connie J. Harrell and John Cicmanec bring the same warmth and pleasure to their updating of Walking the Steps of Cincinnati as did its original author…. Grade: A”


During the nineteenth century, various basin and hillside neighborhoods in Cincinnati were linked by over thirty miles of steps--along cliffs with extraordinary panoramic views and through ravines of stunning beauty. Visitors who marvel at Cincinnati's “seven” hills never realize that they can actually be conquered on foot.

America’s Collectible Cookbooks · The History, the Politics, the Recipes
By Mary Anna DuSablon

America's Collectible Cookbooks is a wonderful concoction of gossipy morsels and serious reflection about cookbooks and cookbook authors. Although the names Fannie Merritt Farmer, Eliza Leslie, Sarah Josepha Hale, and Irma Rombauer are familiar to generations of American books, few know how really extraordinary these women were.

America’s Collectible Cookbooks…is a remarkable olio of gossipy tidbits, history, and an up-front look at the cooks who so greatly influenced our lives. Reading the recipes from early-day cookbooks makes one marvel at the women who became such expert cooks using such limited instructions…A fascinating read.”

Las Vegas Sun

Cincinnati Recipe Treasury · The Queen City’s Culinary Heritage
By Mary Anna DuSablon

What better way to discover Cincinnati’s culture than by its recipes? From daily fare to savoir faire, the kitchens of this tri–state area have been producing a unique cuisine throughout its 200-year history. The finest old and new “secret formulas” have been collected from many sources including club and church cookbooks and handwritten notes.

“Cincinnati writer Mary Anna DuSablon has depicted the distinctive flavors of her native city by tracing its epicurean customs and traditions from past to present. Collected from time–worn cookbooks, chefs from popular Cincinnati restaurants, family cooks and local celebrities, each recipe represents a morsel of Cincinnati memorabilia. …This [book’s] much more than a conglomeration of recipes.”

Cincinnati Enquirer