Marie Rodet

Marie Rodet is a senior lecturer in the history of Africa at SOAS. Her research interests lie in the field of modern migration history, gender studies and the history of slavery in francophone West Africa. She is the author of Les migrantes ignorées du Haut-Sénégal, 1900–1946 and coeditor of Children on the Move in Africa: Past and Present Experiences of Migration.

Listed in: African Studies · Anthropology · Christianity · Religion · African History · Media and Film Studies · Islam

In recent years, anthropologists, historians, and others have been drawn to study the profuse and creative usages of digital media by religious movements. At the same time, scholars of Christian Africa have long been concerned with the history of textual culture, the politics of Bible translation, and the status of the vernacular in Christianity.

“This highly original volume offers new pathways for the study of religion and media in Africa and beyond. Understood as means for connecting people, media are carefully situated in specific social configurations. Spanning from the colonial times to our current age, the ten chapters open up new vistas into people’s use of media—from paper forms to Facebook—in negotiating, producing, or mitigating marginality. The introduction masterfully situates the contributions in current debates on the role of old and new media in the constitution of publics and the relation between religion and secularization in Africa.”

Birgit Meyer, author of Sensational Movies: Video, Vision, and Christianity in Ghana