Lisa Watts

Ohio native Lisa Watts is an editor and writer who raised her family in a small Ohio town for ten years.

Listed in: Ohio and Regional · Essays · Literary Studies

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Winner of the Ohioana Library’s 2008 Ohio Legacy Citation

2014-2015 Choose to Read Ohio selection

Good Roots · Writers Reflect on Growing Up in Ohio
Edited by Lisa Watts · Foreword by R. L. Stine · Afterword by Mark Winegardner

“A good place to be from.” That's how some people might characterize the Buckeye State. The writings in Good Roots: Writers Reflect on Growing Up in Ohio, are testimony to the truth of that statement. By prominent writers such as P. J. O'Rourke, Susan Orlean, and Alix Kates Shulman, these contributions are alternately nostalgic, irreverent, and sincere, and offer us a personal sense of place. Their childhoods are as varied as their work.

“It’s rare to find an anthology whose entries are consistently well written and delightful to read. Good Roots: Writers Reflect on Growing Up in Ohio is just that… Every piece in this book is a gem.”

The Bloomsbury Review