Linda A. Fisher

The late Linda A. Fisher was a public health physician, a trained documentary editor, and the author of a biography of Joseph Mersman's sister, Agnes Lake Hickok: Queen of the Circus, Wife of a Legend.

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The Whiskey Merchant’s Diary · An Urban Life in the Emerging Midwest
By Joseph J. Mersman · Edited by Linda A. Fisher

“Business during the Week was very dull. The great Plague of the Year Cholera is driving every Country [person] and Merchants from Surrounding Cities away. The City looks like a desert Compared to its usual animated appearance. People parting for a day or so, bid farewell to each other. My Partners family are fortunately in the Country. I and Clemens sleep in the Same bed, in Case of a Sudden attack to be within groaning distance.”— Diary entry for Sunday, May 13th, 1849

“A very interesting look into the business and social life of a merchant...lavishly illustrated and footnoted.”

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