Laura Frost

Laura Frost in an associate professor of literature at the New School for Social Research. She is the author of The Problem of Pleasure: Modernism and Its Discontents and Sex Drives: Fantasies of Fascism in Literary Modernism.

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Winter of Artifice · Three Novelettes
By Anaïs Nin · Introduction by Laura Frost

Swallow Press’s reissue of Winter of Artifice, with a new introduction by Laura Frost, presents an important opportunity to consider anew the work of Anaïs Nin who laid the groundwork for later writers, but whom critics frequently dismiss as solipsistic or overblown.

“The lead female characters begin small and damaged and eventually emerge at the other side more complete people at the expense of the men in their paths. But Nin accomplishes this with such delicacy and style that one would swear there was no other way.”