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The Constant Listener · Henry James and Theodora Bosanquet—An Imagined Memoir
By Susan Herron Sibbet

In 1907, in a quiet English village, Theodora Bosanquet answered Henry James’s call for someone to transcribe his edits and additions to his formidable body of work. The aging James had agreed to revise his novels and tales into the twenty-four-volume New York Edition. Enter Bosanquet, a budding writer who would record the dictated revisions and the prefaces that would become a lynchpin of his legacy.

“This book is an act of literary imagination, devoted scholarship, passion and friendship. Lovers of Henry James will find many delights in this story of the writer and the woman who helped realize his creations during his later years. And lovers of any great writing will relish the unfolding of a unique literary partnership.”

Susan Stamberg

Named a Choice Reviews Outstanding Academic Title for 2017

Viet Nam · Tradition and Change
By Hữu Ngọc · Edited by Lady Borton and Elizabeth F. Collins

During his 20 years as a columnist for Việt Nam News, Huu Ngoc both charmed and educated an international readership with his simple but elegant glimpses into Vietnamese culture. These selections from his column are perfectly suited to students of Vietnamese history and culture and travelers seeking an introduction to the country and its people.

Việt Nam offers a sweeping introduction to Vietnamese history and culture through a collection of essays selected from Wandering through Vietnamese Culture (2004 … [It] moves from the ancient to the colonial to the contemporary, runs the cultural gamut from village puppetry to classical opera, and details cultural, linguistic, regional, and biographical histories. It both promotes and creates the idea of a national culture, which Hữu Ngọc considers essential to Vietnam’s past and future. Summing up: Essential.”