Kristie Hamilton

Kristie Hamilton, Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, teaches in the Literary Studies and Modern Studies Programs of the Department of English. She has published essays and reviews on eighteenth- and nineteenth-century American literature and rural women’s history.

Listed in: Literary Criticism · American Literature · Literary Studies

America’s Sketchbook · The Cultural Life of a Nineteenth-Century Literary Genre
By Kristie Hamilton

America’s Sketchbook recaptures the drama of nineteenth-century American cultural life, placing at its center a genre—the literary sketch—more available than the novel, less governable by the critical establishment, and shot through with the tensions and types of local and national culture-making.

“The contributions of America’s Sketchbook are multiple. To begin with, Hamilton’s examination of both regional writing and the emergence of modernism is original and should inspire further work in these areas. Secondly, her emphasis on the sketch illuminates the entrance into the literary marketplace of writers such as Harriet Jacobs, Harriet Wilson, and Alice Cary…Hamilton’s book serves to refocus the study of American literature in a necessary way.”

Jennifer Putzi, Nineteenth-Century Prose