Justin Willis

Justin Willis is a senior associate and researcher at the department of history, University of Durham.

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Potent Brews · A Social History of Alcohol in East Africa, 1850–1999
By Justin Willis

In this first general history of alcohol and drinking in East Africa, Justin Willis's central theme is power—from customary beliefs in alcohol as a symbol of authority and a means of enhancement and privilege, to the use of power in advertising, and discourse on the consumption of modern bottled beers and spirits.

Potent Brews breaks new ground in analyzing the very different functions of alcohol in precolonial, colonial, and postcolonial contexts. Willis focuses particularly on alcohol's role in the making of authority, condending that "for people across East Africa, talking about 'proper' drinking and contrasting past drinking with present drinking, have been ways of arging about proper behavior within their own societies.“

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