Julie A. Charlip

Julie A. Charlip is an associate professor of history at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. She is co-author of the seventh edition of Latin America: A Concise Interpretive History, originally written by the late E. Bradford Burns.

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Cultivating Coffee · The Farmers of Carazo, Nicaragua, 1880–1930
By Julie A. Charlip

Many scholars of Latin America have argued that the introduction of coffee forced most people to become landless proletarians toiling on large plantations. Cultivating Coffee tells a different story: small and medium-sized growers in Nicaragua were a vital part of the economy, constituting the majority of the farmers and holding most of the land.

"This is a model monograph of effective argument and impressive research. It takes its place in an emerging interpretation of pre-Somoza rural Nicaragua that sees much of the countryside as, if not a utopia, at least a world of modest possibilities and prosperities for small farmers, an interpretation at odds with an imagined past driven both by class politics and twentieth-century realities."

David McCreery, American Historical Review