Jonathan Huener

An assistant professor of history at the University of Vermont, Jonathan Huener has written on aspects of memorial culture in postwar Germany and Poland, and is co-editor, with Francis R. Nicosia, of Medicine and Medical Ethics in Nazi Germany: Origins, Practices, Legacies.

Listed in: Genocide · History · Political Science · European History · Polish and Polish-American Studies · International History

Winner of the 2004 AAASS Orbis Book Prize

Few places in the world carry as heavy a burden of history as Auschwitz. Recognized and remembered as the most prominent site of Nazi crimes, Auschwitz has had tremendous symbolic weight in the postwar world. Auschwitz, Poland, and the Politics of Commemoration is a history of the Auschwitz memorial site in the years of the Polish People's Republic.

“Jonathan Huener has written a magnificent book that will become mandatory reading for everyone interested in the Holocaust, Polish History, Jewish History, or the study of collective memory and commemoration…. This book is full of provocative insights and fascinating analysis, and is certain to generate a great deal of debate and discussion.”

Brian Porter, author of When Nationalism Began to Hate