John T. Goldthwait

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Ontology of the Work of Art · The Musical Work, The Picture, The Architectural Work, The Film
By Roman Ingarden · Translation by Raymond Meyer and John T. Goldthwait

In these studies Roman Ingarden investigates the nature and mode of being of four kinds of art works: the musical work, the picture, the architectural work, and the film. He establishes that the work of art is a purely intentional object but considers also its connections to the real world. By analyzing a work of art in its “constitutive heterogeneous strata,” Ingarden demonstrates that a work of art will reveal, when examined in the appropriate way, its own inherent structure.

“The essays are written in an exceptionally clear language, due both to Ingarden’s talent for conveying, to the phenomenologically untrained reader, highly technical distinctions, and to the translator’s skill. Ingarden’s work, written more than half a century ago, addresses nearly every problem taken up by more recent continental and analytic aestheticians.”

Wojciech Chojna, The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism