John Matthias

John Matthias is the author of seven previous volumes of poetry. He teaches at Notre Dame University.

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Pages · New Poems and Cuttings
By John Matthias

A unique voice among contemporary American poets, John Matthias has compiled here a major new collection, his first volume of poetry since the publication in 1995 of his retrospective collections of shorter and longer poems. Divided into three sections, Pages begins with thirty short poems that range in subject from Ovid and Akhmatova to remembered friends and family.

"One of the leading poets in the USA."

Guy Davenport

The Battle of Kosovo cycle of heroic ballads is generally considered the finest work of Serbian folk poetry. Commemorating the Serbian Empire’s defeat at the hands of the Turks in the late fourteenth century, these poems and fragments have been known for centuries in Eastern Europe.

Swimming At Midnight · Selected Shorter Poems
By John Matthias

Swimming at Midnight collects the short and middle-length poems from John Matthias’s earlier books together with twenty poems that have previously appeared only in magazines. It is published simultaneously with Beltane at Aphelion, which includes all of Matthias’s longer poems. The two books together represent some thirty years of his work.

“Matthias’ historical poems activate both himself and the reader…Matthias’ achievement demands to be recognized.”

Beth Ann Fennelly, Another Chicago Magazine

Beltane at Aphelion · Longer Poems
By John Matthias

Beltane at Aphelion collects all of John Matthias's longer poems and is published simultaneously with Swimming at Midnight, which collects his shorter poems.

“American poet Matthias’s forte is the long poem: ranging from 18–24 pages, these provide ample room for his experiments with language, that sometimes start off with quotes from obscure texts. … In the short form, Matthias shines in autobiographical poems, such as those in the ‘After Years Away’ sequence.”

Publisher’s Weekly

A Gathering of Ways is John Matthias’ first collection of poems since the publication of his warmly received Northern Summer collection in 1985.

Northern Summer · New and Selected poems, 1963-1983
By John Matthias

Northern Summer is a representative selection from John Matthias’s previous books, together with a group of poems written since 1980. Robert Duncan wrote of his first book, Bucyrus, that in part “Matthias is a Goliard – one of those wandering souls out of a dark age in our own time.”