John Hatchard

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In 1980 the ZANU/PF government of Robert Mugabe came to power after an extended war of liberation. They inherited a cluster of emergency laws similar to those available to the authorities in South Africa. It was also the beginning of the cynical South African state policy of destabilization of the frontline states. This led to a dangerous period of insurrection in Mashonaland and increased activity by Renamo. Dr.

“Interesting and informative piece of work, soundly researched, well-documented, and representing a mature and scrupulously fair assessment of how Zimbabwean law has functioned during the first years of independence when the state has been faced with serious threats to its security … [the author has done] his research in a country with access to court records, which is interesting in itself and a comment on freedom in Zimbabwe.”

M. Louise Pirouet, formerly Homerton College, Cambridge