John D. Holm

John D. Holm is a professor and chairperson of the political science department at Cleveland State University.

Listed in: African Studies · Political Science

Democracy in Botswana · The Proceedings of a Symposium held in Gaborone, 1–5 August 1988
Edited by John D. Holm and Patrick P. Molutsi

This book examines the character of Botswana’s democracy and provides an intense debate on the quality of popular control achieved. Topics covered include Botswana’s historical experience with democracy, public opinion, political rights, the impact of classes, groups and mass media on government policy, and grass–roots politics. The authors range from important politicians to outside observers.

“The papers as a whole…present a comprehensive and balanced account of Botswana’s experience with a Westminster or majoritarian model of democracy. They also prescribe what specifically needs to be done in order to further advance democracy in this one–party dominant African state. Democracy in Botswana contributes a great deal to the understanding of how and why traditional political culture and institutions, such as the Kgotia, play important roles in the process of democratization in the Third World.”

Don Chull Shin, Sangamon State University, Journal of Developing Societies