John Comaroff

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Mafeking Diary · A Black Man's View of a White Man's War
By Sol T. Plaatje · Edited by John Comaroff

“Sol Plaatje's Mafeking Diary is a document of enduring importance and fascination. The product of a young black South African court interpreter, just turned 23 years old when he started writing, it opens an entirely new vista on the famous Siege of Mafeking.

“The diary provides an unusual prism through which to examine the famous two-hundred-day siege…Overall, the style comes across as refreshing, vibrant, and always deeply humane, reflecting an extraordinary talent…Comaroff's scholarship also shows him to be a capable historian, making the diary much more than a moving and at times graphic account of the terrors of the siege…This is a must for both Boer War aficionados and all those interested in South Africa.”

Patrick Furlong, The International Journal of African Historical Studies