Joanna Mishtal

Joanna Mishtal is an associate professor of anthropology at the University of Central Florida. Her research examines the politics of gender, focusing on reproductive rights, health, and social policies in Poland, her native country.

Listed in: Women’s Studies · Polish and Polish-American Studies · Anthropology

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Winner, the 2017 Adele E. Clarke Book Award from Repronetwork

The Politics of Morality · The Church, the State, and Reproductive Rights in Postsocialist Poland
By Joanna Mishtal

The Politics of Morality is an anthropological study of the expansion of power of the religious right in postsocialist Poland and its effects on individual rights and social mores.

“One of the many strengths of Mishtal’s study is that she doesn’t just describe a top-down model of power—she also focuses on everyday women of different economic classes and how they negotiated the legal and cultural restrictions on abortion and contraceptives.… I have been raving about this book to anyone who will listen.”

Cosmopolitan Review