Jo Carson

Jo Carson is a writer and performer from Johnson City, Tennessee. She is the author of The Last of the “Waltz Across Texas” and Other Stories, Stories I Ain’t Told Nobody Yet, and Spider Speculations.

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Teller Tales · Histories
By Jo Carson

“All my work fits in my mouth,” Jo Carson says. “I write performance material no matter what else the pieces get called, and whether they are for my voice or other characters’ voices … they are first to be spoken aloud.” Following an oral tradition that has strong roots in her native Tennessee, the author of Teller Tales invites the reader to participate in events in a way that no conventional history book can.

“Jo Carson is one of the nation’s premier playwrights and storytellers. Her roots as a writer reach back to the American traditional narrative styles, and her dramatic works drawn from American frontier history are brilliant in their originality.”

Gurney Norman, author of Kinfolks: The Wilgus Stories