Jane Hooper

Jane Hooper is an assistant professor in the Department of History and Art History at George Mason University.

Listed in: African Studies · Slavery and Slave Trade · African History

Feeding Globalization · Madagascar and the Provisioning Trade, 1600–1800
By Jane Hooper

Between 1600 and 1800, the promise of fresh food attracted more than seven hundred English, French, and Dutch vessels to Madagascar. Throughout this period, European ships spent months at sea in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, but until now scholars have not fully examined how crews were fed during these long voyages. Without sustenance from Madagascar, European traders would have struggled to transport silver to Asia and spices back to Europe.

“Jane Hooper’s groundbreaking study of Madagascar’s provisioning trade offers a fascinating new perspective on Indian Ocean exchanges, European long-distance trade, Madagascan engagement with global markets, and the transformation of the island in the early modern era.”

Jeremy Prestholdt, author of Domesticating the World: African Consumerism and the Genealogies of Globalization