Jan-Georg Deutsch

Jan-Georg Deutsch is associate professor of African history in the University of Oxford and the author of Emancipation without Abolition in German East Africa, c. 1884-1914.

Listed in: History · African Studies · Slavery and Slave Trade · African History

This study examines the complex history of slavery in East Africa, focusing on the area that came under German colonial rule. In contrast to the policy pursued at the time by other colonial powers in Africa, the German authorities did not legally abolish slavery in their colonial territories. However, despite government efforts to keep the institution of slavery alive, it significantly declined in Tanganyika in the period concerned.

“Do we need another book on slavery and abolition? Yes we do.... The end of slavery in German East Africa presents a special and rather unexplored case.... Jan-Georg Deutsch does not claim to write a history from below, yet he is able to argue in a convincing way that the end of slavery in East Africa depended to a great extent ‘on the persistent attempts of slaves to gain more meaningful control over their lives and day-to-day affairs’.”

International History Review