Hubert G. H. Wilhelm

Hubert G. H. Wilhelm was a distinguished professor of geography at Ohio University. He died in 2015.

Listed in: Ohio and Regional · American History, Midwest

Originally published in 1995, editors Noble and Wilhelm gathered noted experts in history and architecture to write on the nature and meaning of Midwestern barns. Featuring a new introduction by Timothy G. Anderson, Barns of the Midwest is the definitive work on this ubiquitous but little studied architectural symbol of a region and its history.

“[Barns of the Midwest] deserves to be read by all serious enthusiasts of agricultural history.”

Indiana Magazine of History

For many, the barn is the symbol of the Midwestern United States. It represents tangible wealth, solid citizenship, industry, stability, and other agrarian values associated with its conservative, Anglo-Saxon settlers. Editors Noble and Wilhelm set out to examine these stereotypes. European settlement of the Midwest, though primarily English and German, was never homogenous and the character of the Midwest barn reflects this.

Barns of the Midwest brings together a number of authorities in a series of essays on that region's remarkable contributions to the American barn, with particular attention given to twentieth-century developments. As the authors note, 'what better structure than the barn to tell America's story of the variety in its ethnic and regional traditions, environmental characteristics and land uses.'”

Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians