Hélène Charton-Bigot

Hélène Charton-Bigot is a CNRS researcher at the CEAN (Centre d’étude d’Afrique noire) at the University of Bordeaux. She coedited Nairobi contemporain, les paradoxes d’une ville fragmentée, with D. Rodriguez-Torres.

Listed in: Social History · African Studies · African History · Children's Studies

Generations Past · Youth in East African History
Edited by Andrew Burton and Hélène Charton-Bigot

Contemporary Africa is demographically characterized above all else by its youthfulness. In East Africa the median age of the population is now a striking 17.5 years, and more than 65 percent of the population is age 24 or under. This situation has attracted growing scholarly attention, resulting in an important and rapidly expanding literature on the position of youth in African societies.

“This is a rich collection of essays about the concepts of generations and youth in East Africa from the nineteenth century until the present. The chronological reach, the originality of the sources, the clarity of presentation and excellent writing all make it an attractive college text.”

Lidwien Kapteijns, Kendall/Hodder Professor of History at Wellesley College