Gill Straker

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Faces in the Revolution · The Psychological Effects of Violence on Township Youth in South Africa
By Gill Straker

One of South Africa’s most serious problems is the large number of youths in the black townships who have been exposed to an incredible depth and complexity of trauma. Not only have they lived through severe poverty, the deterioration of family and social structures, and an inferior education system, but they have also been involved in catastrophic levels of violence, both as victims and as perpetrators. What are the effects of the milieu? What future is there for this generation?

“The book’s major and unique strength is the psychological depth with which individual youths are portrayed…The book provides a layered, multifaceted and textured perception of this group of our society and refuses to allow us to unwittingly or willfully relate to them in an undifferentiated blanket fashion.”

Kedibone Letlaka-Rennert, African Studies Review